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Robyn of Love and Light

Psychic Intuitive Empath

Advisor's Dial-In ID: # 27924


A life-time of serving others has offered Robyn amazing opportunities of becoming more attuned to God’s presence in all aspects of life. Within a variety of roles in churches, schools, prisons and organizations, Robyn recognized a life-long practice of accompanying others on life’s spiritual journey. Robyn understands spiritual companionship as a privileged relationship of accompanying others as they seek deeper knowledge of relationship with self, with others and with the Divine. Robyn believes all things are possible if you believe. Robyn has been able to hear and look within to offer insight, direction and encouragement. Since childhood, Robyn has always been attuned spiritually, providing insight and encouragement to those who need it most. 

Robyn of Love and Light
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